About SavedPlus

SavedPlus is a financial tool that helps people from all economic backgrounds save money and meet financial goals. It comes from the idea that if you manage to put money aside each time you make a purchase, you’ll quickly save up enough money to achieve your financial goals. Whether that’s money to start a business, Christmas gifts for the kids, or even a new house, the automatic savings powered by SavedPlus can help get you there.

SavedPlus is a handy mobile app, web store, and wish list all in one. It works with any bank, any time you make a purchase, and finally makes it possible for all of us to get serious about saving. All without ever having to think about it again – and it might just be one of the best choices you’ll ever make about your financial future.

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Pau Sorokin, Co-founder

Paul came to the United States from Russia in 1989 after graduating from Moscow University with a BSEE degree. Over the years Paul had worked in various industries, always finding ingenious ways to make process and product improvements a reality. His boundless entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and vision were the cornerstones and inspiration for creating SavedPlus Inc. Connect with Paul on LinkedIn

Nikita Brodskiy, Co-founder

Nikita began his career at Ernst & Young, where he helped in the implantation of enterprise CRM systems. From 2008 to 2011 Nikita co-founded several startups in the fields of broadband Internet access and IP related services. He led teams to develop new web applications that help all of us manage our telecom subscriptions, and even some highly regarded Internet and media marketing campaigns. Nikita is a graduate from the Stanford School of Business. Connect with Nikita on LinkedIn

Stan Zhuravlev, Co-founder

Stan began studying Information Technologies in 1997 at Moscow University. He has extensive programming experience in PHP, Java, PERL and Python, which make him invaluable to the team. His superior engineering skills have been instrumental to the success of SavedPlus. Connect with Stan on LinkedIn


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